Sara Ahdrian Brorsson

Sale & Communication

+46 (0) 733 49 04 97

I am raised in a large family, the youngest of six and therefor made my statement of “here I am” from my first steps. A character that has been significant in all my doings and valuable when working with communication. After bachelor of economics, specializing marketing in my hometown Gothenburg I moved to Stockholm. 10 years of research and marketing  within TV4 and 10 years as channel manager at Discovery Channel summarize two decades of experience of media, and in some extent too much insight of  what we do at home, now brought with me to the furniture industry.

Jörgen Brorsson

Sale & Logistics

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I am born in Småland and grow up in the small village Mariannelund where my family ran business in different industries. My passion for art & design has always had a parallel alongside my interest for business development. Growing out of the family business at the age of 25 I became store manager in a H&M store for seven years.  A perfect school learning the retail business and experience in how to provide people service. Then changing industry completely. After a year as employee on a steel company i decided to establish my own company, entering steel business providing swedish industry with steel. After almost two decades at Stålgross, I had the opportunity to exit and had perfectly timing finding a furniture concept where I now can blend my passion for design with my “småländska heritage” in how to do and grow business. I must say I live my dream in many ways; running Dunke Design and working closely to my clever and energizing lifepartner Sara. 

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Our Story

In a few years we have been given the honor to furnish hotels, offices, restaurants and homes all around Europe. 

Our story takes off in 2014 when we went for a holiday trip to Vietnam.

An unforeseen event occured that brought us to Ho Chi Minh City for a day. Hungry for lunch, we stumbled upon L’Usine Café, a meeting place with extraordinary spirit and atmosphere. Our curiosity lead to District Eight, the firm behind the concept with a design heritage from French colonial style and the early machine age. Less then a year we brought the concept to Scandinavia.


In 2019 we exchanged hectic city life in Stockholm for countryside living in southern part of Sweden. We found a beautiful old school perfect for combining life and business. 

We have been renovating the school and preserved the unique school style. The school is located close to the town of Höganäs, an area known for its coal and clay. The clay produced here was used in the manufacture of ceramics and the original tiles in the hallway which we have been left in place- are origin from the local firm Höganäsbolaget.

The schools also holds 1920’s wood floor that has seen 40 years’ worth of schoolchildren tramping over it, classrooms and gymnastic hall Is preserved and now furnished with our popular design including our popular game collection.