• Inumbra floor to ceiling
  • Inumbra floor to ceiling
  • Inumbra floor to ceiling
  • Inumbra floor to ceiling
  • Inumbra floor to ceiling
  • Dunke Design Inumbra Floor style

Floor to Ceiling shelving functional from either side

Inumbra Floor to Ceiling  rest on the floor and fixed to the ceiling, offering an extraordinary creating versatility and can be used from either side, both as bookcase or display init for objects of various kinds.  Securely anchored thanks to a structural yet simple grid of posts, the shelves have zero visible screws once assembled. Any inherent joints are concealed with metal caps, giving the system a seamless and coherent look. 

Floor To Ceiling Standard is two combined units;  including 12 shelves, 3 posts with end-caps and 18 shelf- brackets sets.  Extension modules are available to grow the system; each extension set includes 12 shelves, 2 posts without end caps and 12 shelf – bracket sets. Picture is showing one ceiling standard together with one extention set, 5 posts and 24 shelves. 

Inumbra can be configured to specific needs. From variable width and height to positional cabinets, units can be added over time. It is precisely the multiple combinations and different positions of the elements on the structure that give an unexpected rhytm, while still maintaining a motif of linearity and utilitarian usage. 


Inumbra Floor To Ceiling

unit | 190W x 55D x 270-320H cm
full width incl top rings | 210W
shelf | 95W x 30D x 2H cm
weight | 73 kg
max load shelf | 80 kg
footer adjuster | up to 7mm

brand | District Eight