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Wall mounted shelving system designed by Michele De Lucchi

The inspiration for Inumbra dated back to the historic era of Vietnam Empire in mid 20th- century where accessories, namely umbrella and hat design, played an important role in traditional royal ceremonies.

Meaning ” In the shadow” in Latin, Inumbra’s design language is the result of Michele De Lucchi and D8’s contemporary take on interplay between materials and shapes. Inumba Collection is designed with a diverse lineup in mind whose structural elements are as easily assembled as seamlessly adjustable to varying needs and taste.

Inumbra Standard Large rest on the floor but are fixed to the wall. Securely anchored thanks to a structural yet simple grid of posts, the shelves have zero visible screws once assembled. Any inherent joints are concealed with metal caps, giving the system a seamless and coherent look. 

Coming in two sizes, Medium and Large, and with additional extension units to accommodate various interior settings to meet specific needs. The smallest composition of the collection, Inumbra Single Post paired with Inumbra Cabinets stands out as a solitary stature on contrary to its modest size. 

Inumbra Standard Large

unit | 115L x 45W x 270H cm
shelf | 95L x 30W x 2H cm
weight | 73 kilo

brand: District Eight