• Joss daybed
  • Joss daybed with arm
  • Joss modul șofa
  • Joss modul șofa

Joss Daybed

Joss modular sofa collections is a seating system built from moduls for various spaces and purposes.

The design pays homage to ancestral elements of Southeast Asian architecture, which, traditionally, includes graceful curves and continuity aesthetic. The upper curvature from generous foam volumes and the solid wooden bases, not only gives the resolute collection a strong identity but also demonstrates the precision and attention to details.

Joss lineup consists of nine individual components which can be adapted to the changing and varied needs of spaces with combinations in various formats. Joss Daybed is optional with or without arm and can be used as stand alone or in combination.


Joss Daybed

dimensions | 168L x 103W 67H cm
seat height | 44 cm
weight | 70 kilo
designer | Toan Ngyen

brand | District Eight