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  • Dunke Design kubrik reclining sofa style
  • Kubrik reclining sofa
  • Dunke Design Kubrik style
  • Kubrik reclining sofa
  • Kubrik reclining sofa
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  • Kubrik reclining sofa

Modular sofa with reclining mechanism

Kubrik is a special reclining sofa with double reclining mechanism.
Its modular design permits to create infinite configuration to suits any space.

The double mechanism permits to recline both backrest and footrest separately, in order to achive the best comfort and ergonomics.
Kubrik reclining sofa is the perfect seating for home cinema, multipurpose room and living area. It‘s design is modern and enanched by different accessories to maximise comfort: like leathers pockets, removable table, usb ports and swivel touch lamps. Choose from a wide range of fabric and leather, alternatively supply own fabric. Handmade in Italy with a lead time of approx 4 months.


Kubrik Reclining Sofa

dimensions | different sizes on the basis of layout
seat height | 40 cm
designer | Pino Vismara 2021