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  • Theo Wall unit Hard fumed
  • Theo Wall unit
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  • Theo wall unit cabinet smoked
  • Theo wall unit cabinet smoked
  • Theo wall unit cabinet smoked oak
  • Theo wall unit cabinet smoked
  • Theo wall unit cabinet hard fumed
  • Theo wall unit cabinet smoked

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Wall Unit with cabinet for organizing home or office

The Theo Wall Unit Collection comprise all what you need for organizing your home or workspace. Noteworthy is the high quality that is consistent throughout all components. It is rare these days to find a unit where shelves, posts and cabinet bodies are made from solid oak, not veneered MDF or particle board. The simply mounting leaves only a small hole in the wall for each post.

The Theo Wall Unit with Cabinet provides a great storage inside the sliding door cabinet in combination with the three open shelves above. The all-round design belongs to this unit makes it as a perfect match to any room in your home or workspace. It is built with solid oak throughout with the exceptions of the veneered sliding doors.

Use it as a single unit or customize according to space and needs. This fits seamlessly with other Theo Wall Units. Make your own choice between three different wood finishes. The unit is now avail in two different sizes.


Theo Wall unit Cabinet

cabinet Large Unit |  119L x 45W x 32H cm
cabinet Medium Unit | 78L x 45W x 32H cm
shelf Large Unit | 119L x 30W x 2H cm
shelf Medium Unit | 78L x 30W x 2H cm
capping post | 211H x 3Wx 6D cm
weight | 32, 48 kilo

brand | District Eight