Playful interior features game pieces from Dunke Design

Downtown Camper by Scandic at Brunkebergstorg, Stockholm has been re-created by Stylttrampoli. The hotel is now a base camp for urban explores and despite the inner city location the feeling of outdoor is significant.

The forna brutalist building that previously hosted Sergel Plaza now conceals a playful interior that features game pieces from Dunke Design.

“We want to provide an environment that is engaging. We’re a leisure hotel, and that should be immediately evident to our guests. That applies even if they only visit our meeting rooms, which are different to the enclosed conference rooms that you would usually see in more traditional hotels. Ours are open to everyone during the weekend, which transforms them into creative social spaces”, states Marketing Manager Mette von Schack.

And about the games in specific Mette continues.

“It’s rare to see these games in a hotel anywhere in Stockholm. I feel that the games pieces help inspire creativity, and I have found that people want something playful and new to engage with. This kind of unique environment can help trigger ideas and solutions. Our corporate clients and guests have been pleasantly surprised by the ping pong and shuffleboard tables”.

Dunke view: Ping Pong Table on each and every floor level is exceptional. We have visitors entering our store on daily basis and recognize our Ping Pong tables and Shuffleboard from Downtown Camper. We are so happy that we were selected to play an important role to Downtown Camper.