Penthouse attic exclusively furnished


One of the larger scaled projects for Ruben and Henrik at Nero Interior, Stockhom, Sweden. A 132 sqm penthouse attic about to be listed for real estate agency Eklund Stockholm New York and key was to find interior that could connect the various areas to strengthen the exciting atmosphere of the attic.

Dunke Design, has a unique concept with their industrial but also modern contemporary look. A perfect match for this special project. 

Henrik Nero, Nero Interior

We are so happy that we were handpicked by the Nero brothers. Styling projects tend to have light and easy- carried pieces to bring in and out but we can for sure say this project was an exception. These brothers do have a talent to both carry heavy furniture and to furnish and capture them.

Congrats to future owners of this amazing penthouse attic.

Salk Sofa,  Exeter Side Table XL, Kink Lounge Chair & Stacking Benches

Salk Sofa & Exeter Side Table XL

York Dining Table & Kink Dining Chair

Pictures: Nero Interior