Steam plant transformation- powered by games and furniture from Dunke Design

The old steam plant by Lake Mälaren in Sweden was once one of the country’s largest energy producers, but then one day passed by and there remained a beautiful old brick building, machines, boilers and pipes.

Now the steam power plant has been transformed into a spectacular world-class hotel. A 18-storey high and 100-year-old building, 15 meters from the water’s edge, with 227 industrial-style rooms, restaurants and bars with international visions, 800 sqm spa and a view of Lake Mälaren that make you lose your breath.

The concept is developed by Spik Studios who also is the partner that brought in the furniture and games from Dunke Design.

“The games are quite special and fit the hotel’s aesthetic well—guests have remarked on the details like the leather material used to make the nets and to cover the paddles for the ping pong tables. The games have really been an effective way to enhance each visitor’s personal experience”

 Felix Fuchs, Marketing Manager Steam Hotel.

We are extremely proud to be a part of the energy at Steam Hotel and love the fact that history can be brought back in this powerful context.  It is a true one of a kind destination and if you not yet have had the chance to visit it is time to make a reservation. Enjoy your stay!

/Mrs Dunke