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Dunke Design Bräckeskola Photo; Johan Sellén , Dunke Design Showroom 

It goes without saying that 2020 is not going down in history with a joyous sparkle. But, since this is a feed for reflections and new insights, we have  allowed ourselves to summarize a few of those bright moments that did manage to shine through during this dark, momentous year. Times where we found ourselves feeling very thankful and humbled despite all the chaos and uncertainty. Dunke is still considered a new brand on the market and we are navigating our business in a furniture industry that is not only having to adapt to the new ways of working, but also to a different tone-of-voice.

Dunke Design Showroom Höganäs Dunke Design Showroom

During the year, we started to notice that people were moving beyond the random, quick sales talks towards having real conversations with one another, filled with genuine concern and compassion. As a result, we have come to realize that phrases such as “How are you?” and  “Stay safe!” are so much more in sync with who we are and what we stand for, than the busy business jargon we were engaged in before. We really appreciate this new, gentler kind of dialogue and it is something we hope will grow and flourish even after this pandemic has vanished. To us, this change in how we connect with one another at work is proof that good things can grow, even in the darkest of times. 

Stand STFF

2020 kicked off with full speed ahead. We built our largest stand ever at Stockholm Furniture fair, bringing with us 600 kilos of games. Our game collection is pure beauty, but it is very heavy. This was also the expo where the contracted builders, unfortunately stood us up in the last minute and we had to save the ship and build the entire stand by ourselves. 


And then there were those everyday challenges. Like finding out we were missing chairs. This was solved by contacting a client who borrowed us his chairs for the opening day until we got ours sorted out from the warehouse. 

Kink Dining Chair Kink Dining Chairs in hallway, street view and at the expo. Decided to leave out the pic capturing Mrs Dunke with chairs in very small elevator.

And then there were the reward that follow hard work. So many existing and new clients who visited us during these days. We were overwhelmed by the turnout.


Covid-19 took over the world and we all discovered that nothing in life should be taken for granted. We decided to use the extra time to renovate our showroom. 

Jörgen Brorsson Dunke Design

Renovering Dunke Design The Principal’s office with Kahn Trestle table and Cantina with Compass Dining Table and Akron stools

We have had the privilege to send off some outstanding pieces to new destinations that are opening during 2020. THE DUNKE YEAR OF 2020 3 Fyri Resort, Hemsedal, Norway

Ellery Ping Pong Table Ellery Beach House, Stockholm, Sweden
Nobu Hotel Warsaw Nobu Hotel, Warsaw, PolandTHE DUNKE YEAR OF 2020 4 Sirkus Renaa, Stavanger, Norway

This was also the year when we made it on the cover of Elle Decoration magazine and we were also featured in Schöner Wohnen. What an honor. 

Elle decoration Dunke Elle Decoration 7/2020

THE DUNKE YEAR OF 2020 5 Schöner Wohnen, 9/2020

Our Distrikt Armchair was on display on tv-screens across Sweden, furnishing the onset living room of primetime series  “Bröllop, begravning ooh dop”.

Bröllop, begravning och dop möbler Bröllop, Begravning och dop, TV4

Bröllop, Begravning och Dop Tv4 Distrikt Armchair, TV4

Our furniture from District Eight in pole position at numerous new homes across Europe. 

THE DUNKE YEAR OF 2020 6 Compass Dining Table, Kink Dining Chair Distrikt Mirrors and Distrikt Sofa, Private residences

THE DUNKE YEAR OF 2020 7 Distrikt Coffee Table, Distrikt Dresser and Distrikt Bed, Private residences

In September we celebrated five years as Dunke business owners. Half a decade since we opened our 50 sqm store in Midsommarkransen, Stockholm, Sweden. 

THE DUNKE YEAR OF 2020 8 Dunke Design, Midsommarkransen, 2015

Sara and Jörgen Dunke Design Sara and Jörgen,  Skåne 2020 and Midsommarkransen 2015

Johan Sellen Capture Johan Sellén, Showroom view Dunke Design, Kullabygden, Sweden

Thank you, all of our dear friends of Dunke for your support during this very tricky year of 2020. Let’s hope for the light to return for 2021. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Sara & Jörgen