What we do

We supply furniture for your home

We do not follow our products all the way over the door step but very close to. Our furniture are made to last and to be seen as an investment. We are therefore keen to make sure your purchase will be one of your most enjoyable pieces in the home. 

 We offer durable design with mission to withstand wear and tear for many years.

The District Bed is the most beautiful bed in the world according to our clients but it would not be as wonderful if it ended up in a too small bedroom. Or the large delivery did not even made it into the house. The Ping Pong Table is pure magic for many but would for sure loose the glamour if placed in a space with no room for paddles to swing.

What we do is from our heart and driven by passion. In that sense we know the details of all District furniture and are happy to support you in your thinking and decisions in every aspects.

If you do not have the possibility to travel and visit our showroom we are happy to assist with live talk, movies and more detailed pictures of design, textile and wood options.

A guided tour can be provided also on distance.

Behind the daily chat service you find us in person and also on all other digital ways of communicating.

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We support architects and interior designers

- for office, hotel, restaurant and other vivid spaces

In 2015 we brought District Eight to Scandinavia. We had orders of furniture for restaurants and public spaces even before our first collections had entered the boarder to Sweden. The interest was high, the design obviously brought something different to the inherited and established look of Scandinavia. 

From day one we have had the opportunity to share happy stories around how the D8 furniture and games have made an impact and played lead roles in the spaces they been brought into.

Today you find the furniture in hotels, restaurants and modern offices all around Europe.
On a daily basis we work with architects, interior designers and conceptual companies that share our appreciation for the confident and bold design that District Eight constantly provides.

As distributor for D8 in Scandinavia and Northern Europe we offer efficient logistic solutions directly from our own stock in Sweden. Larger order on demand and customized items require longer lead times.

We have chosen to work with a logistic partner that exclusively load furniture on their vehicles. All the way to site location.

No matter size of projects our services are performed with passion, commitment and responsibility.

In times of constant digital development we gladly invite you for a guided tour from our showroom, but we also put high value in an old fashioned phone call. You never know what that can lead to.

3D renders, samples of textile, wood- and metal options or whatever needed for your specific project- we are to your fully assistance.