District Eight


District Eight

District Eight is a youthful & forward-thinking firm that merges both design and build.

District Eight creates furniture that is inspired by the industrial age and informed by location in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

District Eight began as a project to preserve and restore historically significant buildings, warehouses and objects in HoChi Minh City, once known as the “Paris of the Orient”. Since then, they expanded to produce a line of custom furnishings which respond to these environments, combining authentic repurposed materials with handcrafted contemporaryelements.

From the debut of L’Usine Industrial range to the new District Eight Modern collection, all of District Eight’s products are imbued with a genuine spirit of time and place.

Combining design and build under one roof, every product is carefully conceived and crafted using authentic production methods whenever possible.

From the recast industrial bases to the patinas on the reclaimed timbers, products by District Eight are built upon a timeless foundation of durability and craftsmanship.

District Eight 1
District Eight 2


District Eight use two main types of timber. The first is a beautiful Reclaimed Hardwood sourced locally in Vietnam. This hardwood is reclaimed from old bridges, factories and housing. Rather than having the timber burnt or destroyed, they take the hardwood, treat it with natural oils to create a great looking slightly reddish, natural patina. The grains are a medium depth with uneven patterns, the finish is natural and slightly rougher than a contemporary timber. A perfect industrial timber.

The second timber is an European Oak. The oak is sourced from sustainable sources in Europe. A versatile wood which allows District to experiment with different oils and stains, creating a unique range of fumed and stained finishes.