District Eight


District Eight

District Eight is a lifestyle furnishing brand based in Vietnam. With in-house design and production, they create products from inception through build. The design is instantly recognized for its quality and craftsmanship in which-, the dialogue between utilitarian function and aesthetic appeal, between contrasting materials, between work and play, East and West, constantly evolves.

The result comes in furniture pieces that befit contemporary styles and settings, and thanks to their timeless quality, stand the test of time.

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Crafted for life

The ethos of District Eight design and production was established early on. District Eight’s products are made to be used reliably and to be durable through wear and tear, just like industrial tools or workwear would. This level of quality can only be achieved with the right balance of machinery and crafty hands. Production of fine handcrafted goods requires a symbiotic relationship between artisan and product. In contrast to mass-produced items, the result bears the intimate care and attention of its maker. The innovative use of wood, iron, steel, metal, and concrete in a single item, requires a large team with a diverse range of skills.