• Inumbra single post set
  • Inumbra single post set


Inumbra Single Set post with 4 Cabinets

The smallest composition of the collection, Inumbra Single Post paired with Inumbra Cabinets stands out as a solitary stature on contrary to its modest size. 

Inumbra Single post set rest on the floor but are fixed to the wall. Securely anchored thanks to a structural yet simple grid of posts, the cabinets have zero visible screws once assembled. Any inherent joints are concealed with metal caps, giving the system a seamless and coherent look. 


Inumbra Single Post with 4 Cabinets

post | 20L x 45W x 217H cm
cabinet| 45L x 43W x 30H cm
weight | 50 kilo

brand: District Eight