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Sofa completed to the highest carpentry

Distrikt sofa is crafted from solid oak, steel legs and with padouk joinery as a feature. The sofa holds a modern, contemporary look with a light industrial take. The carpentry and thorough handcraft is obvious and completed to the highest carpentry. The thoughts go easily to the simple Japanese culture of sitting.

A contemporary design sofa with a beautiful and functional side tray optional both to the left and right. Upholstered with feather and fiber balls to supply comfort and velcro tape to keep the pillows in place. Fabric is removable and washable.

The Sofa is optional in different Oak finishes. Hard Fumed and Smoked Oak are held at stock and Raw Oak, Dry Oak, Ebonized Oak and Charred Black are made for order. The fabric options are several. Do not hesitate to contact us for guidance and support.

The Distrikt Sofa Collection is inspired by the internationally renowned furniture designer and woodworker George Nakashima’s (1905-1990) exquisite design and aesthetic. For anyone interested in the philosophy of wood, this gorgeous designer is for sure interested to study in many aspects.

“I would marry the guy who had this in his house, cause obviously he would have inpeccable taste”.  

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Distrikt Sofa- Right Tray

dimensions | 220L x 85W x 81H cm
seat height | 46 cm
seat depth | 57 cm
armrest height | 63 cm
seatback height | 36 cm
weight | 63 kilo
upholstery | 60/40 feather vs fiber balls

brand | District Eight